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Family & Individual Sites


Website Hobby

What started as a hobby back in 1995, turned out to be a career for me.  I had gone back to college in 1989 to finish up my BS degree started in 1965.


Somewhere around 1990 I got my first computer and went online.  It opened up a brand new world to me, and always being a creative person, I was intrigued with websites and how they worked.  

I taught myself HTML and went after it full force.  I had met a friend online playing scrabble who lived in Indiana, and her husband just so happened to be the head Tech guy for the Chicago Trust Company.  

He needed help with the websites for the Company, (there were 6 different units).  This was to be a short 4 months doing updates for the Mutual Funds Department.   It ended up being a 5 year career for me, because they offered me the position of webmaster!

Small Business Web Sites

The following are some of the websites I have created in the past.  Some are still active and some are not.

Prior to that, I had been a housewife for the past 22 years, so needless to say, I was very happy to have this new challenge in my life.  After I decided to move back to California to get away from the frigid winters in Chicago, I did websites as a freelance Web Designer, for small businesses and individual friends and family.  The websites on this page are examples of some of the sites I have created.  I love doing anything on the web!

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